Outfit: Preppy Nautical

The preppy look is a style I've been trying to avoid most of my adult life.
It's definitely related to the mean preppies I grew up knowing and the feeling that preppy is so classic that it doesn't usually feel creative. However, sometimes the preppy shoe just fits. A navy blazer-style jacket and boat print dress? Match made in style heaven; they just go together. So, why fight it? I'm already addicted to my brogues but lately I've also fallen in love with classic watches and a perfect leather tote bag, more symbols of the preppy establishment! But it all does come together nicely in a timeless sort of look perfect for a day getting windblown by the shore.
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Laura Mitbrodt said...

This is so cute, I love your dress!

Ella Franklinos said...

Fox cufflink! amazing… <3


Diamond Dann said...

Your outfit is very well put together today. It feels complete. I love how you put things together. And those tights complete the outfit perfectly. Love it!

Andini Ria said...

I think the preppy style definitely suits you, you look gorgeous! <3

Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

December said...

Your romantic hairstyle looks amazing with this outfit and setting. Making it yours!


cortney e said...

I can't get over how pretty your blond hair is! Adore this outfit too.

Serein said...

You look so great!! That scarf looks SO cute with that dress!


Raquel Mendez said...

The fox buttons on your blazer! I just can't.. <3