Outfit: Summer Holiday Dress

This dress strikes me as such a perfect "summer vacation" dress. Aspire Style offered to send me a piece and I immediately honed in on this dress because of the print--I think I would have asked for it in skirt, blouse, or any other form because I was instantly charmed by the pattern! It's cheerful and reminds me of colorful cities and wandering down bright, twisty corners not entirely certain about where you're going. It could be a colorful seaside village or brightly painted mountain town or a dozen other places. The crowded and chaotic placement of the buildings in the print makes me feel like it is an outsider's view of somewhere; it's the drawing of someone who keeps getting lost on these colorful, crowded streets--someone who doesn't understand the layout like a local so instead sees a jumbled, but delightful mess. Our honeymoon last summer in Matera was a lot of that; wandering without a set destination and instead just admiring all of the architecture and different angles of the city. I really enjoyed ignoring the map and exploring without a plan, in a way you just let the city reveal itself to you until the paths started to make sense and you could find your way around without a map. I'd love another summer holiday wandering a warm city, but I'm not sure what adventures will come this summer yet. We do have a lovely weekened "away" planned soon--we're not leaving the country, but we will be out of our house and somewhere less familiar so it feels like being "away." Since I'm still new to this country I don't have to cross any borders to find the unfamiliar or feel like I'm on an adventure.
vintage cardigan, dress c/o Aspire Style, Ferragamo flats, old purse (would love one of these Furla bags)
*pictures by Thomas*


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