Outfit: Summer Holiday Dress

This dress strikes me as such a perfect "summer vacation" dress. Aspire Style offered to send me a piece and I immediately honed in on this dress because of the print--I think I would have asked for it in skirt, blouse, or any other form because I was instantly charmed by the pattern! It's cheerful and reminds me of colorful cities and wandering down bright, twisty corners not entirely certain about where you're going. It could be a colorful seaside village or brightly painted mountain town or a dozen other places. The crowded and chaotic placement of the buildings in the print makes me feel like it is an outsider's view of somewhere; it's the drawing of someone who keeps getting lost on these colorful, crowded streets--someone who doesn't understand the layout like a local so instead sees a jumbled, but delightful mess. Our honeymoon last summer in Matera was a lot of that; wandering without a set destination and instead just admiring all of the architecture and different angles of the city. I really enjoyed ignoring the map and exploring without a plan, in a way you just let the city reveal itself to you until the paths started to make sense and you could find your way around without a map. I'd love another summer holiday wandering a warm city, but I'm not sure what adventures will come this summer yet. We do have a lovely weekened "away" planned soon--we're not leaving the country, but we will be out of our house and somewhere less familiar so it feels like being "away." Since I'm still new to this country I don't have to cross any borders to find the unfamiliar or feel like I'm on an adventure.
vintage cardigan, dress c/o Aspire Style, Ferragamo flats, old purse (would love one of these Furla bags)
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. I am in love with that dress! Such a good pick and I too would want that print in everything!


  2. Ah this dress is so amazing, I love the print!

  3. The print of this dress so absolutely perfect for a summer holiday!

  4. That is such a sweet dress! Also your hair looks very pretty! You're lucky to have fair skin that works with so many hair colors!

  5. This dress is so cute! The print is amazing and definitely makes me think of traveling too! On my honeymoon we went to Italy and it sort of makes me think of the streets of Venice. We preferred to walk around without using a map and only got slightly lost once, but we ended up seeing an all white cat with two different colored eyes which was so cool and definitely worth getting lost!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  6. LOVE this dress, it's so bright and cheery for summer!

  7. That dress looks like the village I want to visit in Ireland! It's so pretty and colorful!


  8. So funny dress!


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