Style Crush: Elizabeth

Nearly every blogger or style crush I've featured here has been around my age or older than myself. It just seems natural and "normal" look to at peers and those with a bit more earthly wisdom than yourself for inspiration. But there are a number of younger (teenage even!) style bloggers out there who can be equally (if not more!) inspiring. Sometimes it blows my mind how talented and together some teenagers are when I wasted most of my teenage years wallowing in self-consciousness and buried under a pile of books (although I don't actually see that period as a waste at all...). Anyway, one such talented, young lady is Elizabeth of Fashion is My First Language. She's 17, but you quickly forget her age as you start to admire her sartorial prowess and thoughtful fashion essays. Her outfits feature a bold mix of color and texture--sometimes inspired by your favorite Wes Anderson films and characters. 


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