Outfit: Groomsport Harbour

While staying at Helen's Tower last weekend we spent a blustery day by the water at Groomsport Harbour. There's an old fisherman's cottage there that has been kept largely in its original state which you can walk through and explore that's quite neat. It's fun to see how people lived and learn a little bit about how they built the house to stand up to the sea winds and storms. It was a quiet afternoon out rounded off by a meal at the local chippy (I do love my curry chips when we go away for the weekend!). I was dressed on theme for the location, complete with my new whale bag! This purse by the Don Fisher Shop is handmade in Spain and one of my more practical novelty purses--it holds loads of stuff and is perfect for day-trips to the beach. I'll definitely be toting it around all summer. On this day the weather wasn't ideal for long strolls by the water or loads of exploration, but we didn't really mind because when you book a stay at an old stone tower you actually want to spend most of your time at said tower. So it was a quick trip out to somewhere new for both of us and then back to our cozy tower to build a big fire and thaw ourselves out (nighttime view of the tower here)!


Smile, Snap, Sparkle said...

That whale purse is everything! <3

Lady Emily said...

Your hair is so pretty blonde! Also that dress is so sweet! I looks so fetching with the bow. Thanks for providing the link to the site for the dress! It has a lot of lovely fitted full-skirted dresses which are quite affordable! I'll keep this designer in mind for the next time I feel like buying a dress.

Linda Tran said...

Your hair is so gorgeous!


Laura Mitbrodt said...

your bag is so adorable! Love it with the dress

Minnie Muse said...

Okay, that bag is officially the cutest thing ever! Love the look of this ensemble:)

Rosa Fairfield said...

You have such a lovely style. The dress is adorable and the bag is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.


Kate Bohème said...

You look a bit like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter when you have blond hair. :) That dress is absolutely adorable. I'm obsessed with your style!


Tessa said...

I love, love, love this outfit! Your dress is so pretty, and looks fantastic with that jacket!

Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

December said...

Love this dress more than words... and the WHALE.


Wildfire Charm said...

I just found your blog and I find your style so inspiring! <3


Camille said...

This dress is sooo cute

Monika Wlodarczyk said...

This is stunning!

Anna said...

Ah I always love your different hairstyles! How do you get these beautiful full curls?

Serein said...

I honestly can't tell you which one I think is cuter, or which one I want more! Your dress or your whalebag! LOVE the look!