Outfit: Daffodil Road

The best photo locations aren't planned or researched in advance, but come from having your eyes open to appreciate everything around you. We spied this daffodil lined road while out on our way somewhere else and knew we needed to make a stop before all of the blooms were gone. We also used up the last of the good morning weather as we were taking these pictures because it started to rain in the last few and we ended up running back to the car when it really started to pour! People here are fond of saying "you can experience a whole year's worth of weather in a single day in Ireland." And it's quite true. Mornings can start with a frost, move to bright and sunny, and by mid-afternoon you can be running away from a rain storm that turns to hail! It's been happening a lot lately. I guess it's just that changeable spring weather that's happening in a lot of places, but while some areas seem to have warm days chased by colder ones, we have both weather conditions within a few hours of each other!
With all this wild weather I wish I could say I've seen some rainbows, but sadly not, so those little rainbow charms on my dress will have to suffice for now. This dress is probably my favorite piece from the Book of Deer spring/summer collection. It's just so simple and classic, but has those tiny details that set it apart--like the charms on the skirt and bright pink lining. It's a perfect chambray for spring and summer, but I could also see it layering (with the same cardigan even!) with some tights and boots for autumn.


bestie said...

could this post be any more spring-y?? i am having a serious *heart eyes* moment looking at these lovely pictures. and that's my favorite current piece from book of deer, too! such sweet details. :3

Laura Mitbrodt said...

This is so pretty! I love all of the flowers and your dress!

Paige Calvert said...

SoSoSo beautiful!!! Literally my fav outfit I have seen this year!
So bored of everyone's samely style - you look gorgeous.

Hope you like my blog as well!

Love Paige Joanna


Andini Ria said...

Such a perfect location, love how the daffodils match your cardi! <3

Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

rebeccalately said...

That dress is so pretty and I love your shoes!

Raquel Mendez said...

So beautiful! That lipstick colour looks so amazing on you, especially with your new hair. I love it! x


Christina said...

Love this lucky charm chambray dress. You're totally right that the best way to find places is just by having your eyes peeled. Also, I'm now sold on the fact that I need a chambray dress for spring!

A Sentimental Adventure

Minnie Muse said...

This is just to perfect...I can't take it! Fabulous as always and completely brightened my day:)

December said...

You can't go wrong with flowers as your background! Beautiful as always. Did Thomas snap any photos of you running off to the car in the rain? My husband took one of me sneezing this afternoon during our shoot... endless amusement for him, ha.


MODENOVA said...

What a lovely outfit. We really like your pictures and style!
Best, MODENOVA I www.modenova.com

Linda Tran said...

You're beautiful!


Wendy Sice said...

The necklace!