Outfit: One Top, Two Ways To Wear It

This pretty beaded top by GatsbyLady inspired two very similar outfits with completely different vibes, so I decided to style it both ways. One look felt like a great way to wear the beaded top in the daytime and the other was more playful, something perfect for a fun evening out. Both stuck to the basic color palette of pale pink and blue, or rose quartz and serenity if you're feeling trendy.

This is my "play" look. A slightly impractical but oh-so-fun tulle skirt and sweet mary jane shoes, kept slightly casual by a light wash denim jacket. I really like how soft and romantic this outfit came out, so perfect for spring dates! I think if I wore it out one evening I'd add some vintage brooches to the jacket to make it feel slightly dressier and a little more sparkly. This look reminds me of cotton candy; airy and sweet.
This is my "day" look; keeping some of the same pieces as the first, but switching my skirt for casual ripped white jeans allow the top really to shine--look at that beautiful beaded scalloped hem! All of Gatsbylady's creations are made in-house and that really shows when you look at the unique pieces they offer. Their designs are inspired by 1920s fashion and while they have the perfect flapper dress for your next Prohibition themed party, they also have quirky pieces you won't find at other retro shops--like my top. All the details of a beaded flapper dress but rendered in a sweet sleeveless top that can be worn outside of a themed party. The colors are also my favorite pastel combination, something about baby blue and pale pink just works so nicely together!

*all pictures by me*


Rosa Fairfield said...

I adore the first look, with the tulle skirt. The outfit looks like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


Raquel Mendez said...

These looks are so sweet, just like sugar candies and cake! I adore pastels layered together, I think it's a perfect romantic look for spring x


Dressed With Soul said...

I love both looks: so cute and adorable <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena www.dressedwithsoul.com

rebeccalately said...

These looks are so cute. I especially love your sunglasses!

Laura Jones said...

the top is so pretty! and i love your tulle skirt! xx

Ashley Christabelle said...

Such a lovely outfit! Absolutely love the background too. x


Laura Mitbrodt said...

This is so cute! I love that top!

Cara E said...

Omg these outfits are just magical <3 I love them

Amber Shannon said...

Such a gorgeous tulle skirt!! Love both looks!!

All the Cute 🎀
Today's Post (so exciting!!): Alena, again!

Two Peas, Different Pods said...

<3 These looks feel so fun and springy! Also, with those gorgeous sunnies you remind me so much of Luna Lovegood!!

Julie Kelly said...

That top is so beautiful! I adore the embroidery xx

lottie said...

You look like your channeling your inner princess!! lovely, as always!!

prudence yeo said...

The top has such pretty colors and beaded details! Love the gorgeous ways you wear them!


Clara Mason said...

These are some of the best photos that you ever got on this blog! Congrats to you on this outstanding work!

Anonymous said...


What is the font you are using in the first photo?

By the way you look amazing.

Thank you & have a wonderful day


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

@Anonyous, the font is called "LaserMetal"

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, this is a great top! You created some lovely looks with it.

Sweet Spontaneity

Sarah Vernon said...

stunning looks! love the one with tulle! , you look beautiful! http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/valfre.html

Linda Tran said...

Absolutely beautiful


Serein said...

What a great way to convert this outfit! How beautiful!! And I love how vintage the first look is!


Michaela Scalisi said...

Beautiful as always! I love the pastels <3 And so well done with the versatility :)


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