Outfit: The Poetry Room in Helen's Tower

On a whim, we booked Helen's Tower to stay in for the weekend. As the name might imply, it is a beautiful old tower which you can rent and stay in; it's quite unique because it's a stand-alone tower in the middle of the woods and when you book it you have the whole place to yourself. For a weekend (or longer) you get to be lord or lady of the tower, surveying your kingdom from the lofty windows. It is exactly how you imagine a tower to be; a tall spindly building with rooms stacked on top of each other and connected by a winding spiral staircase. It's really incredible to go up floor by floor and see how the view changes; from looking into the surrounding trees to peeking at the tops and new spring buds beginning to form, to seeing far over the trees and towards the horizon. The top room of the tower (before you reach the actual rooftop which is a blustery spot but has the best views) is this room; the Poetry Room. So-named for the bronze plaques of poetry that decorate its wooden walls. The room is lined with windows and tiny velvet window seats perfect for reading (or writing) poetry while being inspired by the natural world swaying outside. Being in this room felt more like being in a ship than a tower; with the tops of trees bobbing around outside of you in all directions it was easy to imagine yourself floating above the world in a small wooden vessel.
As an old building, the tower was built in 1861, it can be a bit cool inside (and we actually saw some snow flurries when we first arrived on Friday evening) so dressing cozy is the wisest decision. I thought this vintage sweater from Rokit would be a perfect nod to the country estate with its red clad figure of a classic English lord on a hunt! My plaid bag is also from Rokit, from their recycled line where they re-work unwearable vintage fabrics and clothes into original pieces. I snagged their "hold all" style bag and it really did hold just about everything I needed for a weekend away! I thought this look would suit the poetry room quite well and it gave me an excuse to spend some quiet time in the room one evening, reading and snapping a few pictures while Thomas was away fishing at a nearby pond. With the sun filtering in through the windows and the fire gently crackling away it was the most perfect quiet time.

*all pictures by me*



  1. That is the coolest thing! I would love to stay at some sort of tower/castle sometime in my life, but is it scary though? Especially at night!


  2. that is the sweetest little top! i am so happy to see you went back to the tower. it's still as charming as the first time you featured it! i'm curious: did you also try your hand at fishing? sounds like something i'd be horrible at, but still could be fun... (:

  3. This place is on my bucket list! We stayed in the Barbican in Glenarm last time we were in Northern Ireland. I'm thinking the Samantha pleet castles dress would go well with this spot too!

  4. what an amazing place to stay at! and i'm loving your skirt! plus your hair's looking lovely:-) xx

  5. Wow this is such a cool location!! I love your sweater too!

  6. Wow, what an amazing experience. Such a unique weekend getaway! Love your cute vintage sweater and the plaid skirt. And that bag looks so perfect for a quick weekend trip. Glad you had such a peaceful, relaxing trip!!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  7. @Ashley Christabelle, not scary at all--if you were afraid of heights I think the top floors could be scary, but really it's just a series of cozy little rooms. And it is isolated, but again that's sort of enjoyable and you feel quite safe from the outside world, because it seems so fortified. Perfect place to be in a zombie apocolypse! ;)

  8. @bestie, not this time. I do go fishing with Thomas sometimes, but I prefer to wait for summer when it's warmer! :p

  9. @Ellenshenk, ah the Barbican is on our bucket list! It always seems to be booked though when we have free time. Helen's Tower seems less popular in comparison!

  10. Amazing,cool photos and look!


  11. This looks like the most amazing time! So jealous you got to stay in such an awesome place. That ceiling is a dream. I love the photos, especially the pretty lens flare.


  12. Wasn't it eerie at night, Rebecca? I'm thinking about naughty ghosts.... 😬

  13. @Cheryl, haha no it really wasn't! We've gotten that question a lot since we came back from friends/family/etc but it's weird b/c while we were there I didn't think about how it should be/could be scary once! In a way it actually feels super secure from the outside world, like a little fortress. And inside it's just cozy.


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