Outfit: Practical Clothes On The North Coast

I'm quite guilty of dressing for the weather I want rather than the weather I have, but occasionally you'll find me in something practical. Case in point: this outfit. It's hard for me to dress practically sometimes because the practical clothes don't usually appeal to me as much, but there are exceptions to every rule. Like cozy vintage sweaters that remind you of the rolling Irish hills with beautiful knit patterns and cheerful yellow coats guaranteed to bring sunshine into even the rainiest of days. Or just getting tired of feeling cold all the time will inspire you to change! This is my third yellow coat now and the best one for spring; it's from Lighthouse, a line inspired by the Irish sea and simple coastal living. I took it with me up to the North Coast on a breezy day and it kept me surprisingly cozy every time the wind howled. I'm still a sucker for bare legs and flowery skirts, but I think this coat might be getting a bit more wear this spring if the weather keeps being brisk!



  1. You are not only perfectly dressed for the weather - also the sweater is so beautiful <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I love how you put on bright colors despite the cold! *thumbs up*


  3. Too cute! Your coat is just darling. <3

  4. Your sweater is so cute!! It looks so pretty there!! I want to go

  5. Your practical outfit is still so cute! Love the vintage green sweater paired with the bright yellow coat. The coast is so beautiful! I love the photos on the rocks.

    A Sentimental Adventure

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  7. These are honestly THE most beautiful photographs. I love that sweater (green is my fav colour), and that raincoat is so cute! I need to get a one of those since I live in the UK and can never keep an umbrella in one piece! xx


  8. These are the cutest photos! I love your outfit too! Perfect for a day on the beach.


  9. beautiful background, u look cutie and awesome photography:)

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  10. I'm in love with this lovely sweater
    I love your style and your blog.
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    many kisses

  11. I studied abroad in Ireland while in college and am just dreaming of returning someday. You lucky dog, you. P.S. the blonde looks amazing!


  12. Lovely pictures! Although I'm a fan of yellow coats (I own a yellow raincoat from Danefae) it's the sweater that totally steals the show here. I just came home from a week in western Ireland and just want to get back again. A traditional knitted sweater is on my wanted-list and this shade of green is just my taste!

  13. Love love love these pictures!

    I just moved to Scotland and definitely want to get my hands on one of those super cute Lighthouse coats. I was wondering what size you wear since the measurements provided on the site seem quite large.

    As always your photos are so fun and playful and make me want to go on adventures!

  14. @Lily, I'm wearing a size 8; I think it fits like a size 8 so it is a bit loose on me b/c I typically wear a size 6 (UK). On another Lighthouse jacket that I have the sleeves are also a bit long and I cuff them to make a better fit but I am 5'1". But the upside of the loose fit is they are great pieces for layering and you can wear really thick knits underneath. Hope that helps & yes more adventures for everyone! :p

  15. Excellent! Thank you so much for the quick reply, that's very helpful. I'll definitely need to be able to wear it over warm clothes since I've come from a warmer part of Australia, layers are essential to my survival here!

    Oh yes, Scotland is a country that almost begs to be explored, every day is an adventure!


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