Outfit: Practical Clothes On The North Coast

I'm quite guilty of dressing for the weather I want rather than the weather I have, but occasionally you'll find me in something practical. Case in point: this outfit. It's hard for me to dress practically sometimes because the practical clothes don't usually appeal to me as much, but there are exceptions to every rule. Like cozy vintage sweaters that remind you of the rolling Irish hills with beautiful knit patterns and cheerful yellow coats guaranteed to bring sunshine into even the rainiest of days. Or just getting tired of feeling cold all the time will inspire you to change! This is my third yellow coat now and the best one for spring; it's from Lighthouse, a line inspired by the Irish sea and simple coastal living. I took it with me up to the North Coast on a breezy day and it kept me surprisingly cozy every time the wind howled. I'm still a sucker for bare legs and flowery skirts, but I think this coat might be getting a bit more wear this spring if the weather keeps being brisk!


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