Outfit: Spring Blush

This is actually an outfit I put together when I had my blue hair but didn't wear.
The blue didn't work with all the soft tones of the clothes, so I just tucked the outfit away and saved it for a rainy (figuratively speaking only) day. Also very excited about bare legs again, although I was debating tights with the look because it isn't *that* warm here yet, but I prefer to leave my tights at home when I can. I think I'm developing thicker skin because the cool spring temperatures aren't bothering me as much as they have in the past. Of course, I don't really "work" outside or have a long outdoor commute anywhere so similarly to how I get away with wearing dresses in winter even when there's snow (i.g. by layering tights & choosing very cozy boots!). I can manage bare legs in April when I know I'm only going to be walking briskly between my house and the car, or my house and a local shop only a block or two away. Whenever I spend more time outside, like fishing or hiking with Thomas on the weekends I inevitably end up more bundled in jeans, boots, and a decent coat. The weather isn't drastically different between those occasions, I'm merely dressing around the amount of time I will be exposed to the weather. Still when the sun is out and the wind is calm (rare enough occasions on this island!) it does indeed feel nice enough for short sleeves and bare legs, if only because we've been longing for the sun and warmth for so long. Already there are ice cream trucks stopped outside of parks and dotting the coastline--proof I'm not the only spring optimist!
*pictures by Thomas*


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