Outfit: Perfume Ad

Well, this ended up looking far more like a perfume ad than I had intended!
The novelty purse in the form of a giant perfume bottle might have tipped it in that direction. I'm not really a fume-head at all; I don't wear perfume most days, but I do like collecting perfumes when I travel and I tend to choose them based on the look of bottles. Of all the product packaging in the world, perfume bottles are the best designed and most beautiful. I love the quirky vintage ones with balloon pumps attached in a delicately tinted glass. I'd like to collect them one day, but it's another collection I keep putting off. I put off collections before because I was always on the move (and since I've lived in my current home for only one year it's probably too early to say I'm "settled") and now I postpone collecting breakables until I live in a larger home (which might never happen!). But really who needs a shelves of delicate petite bottles when you have one large novelty purse in the shape of a bottle?

This post also begs the questions, if I made a signature scent what would the notes be? What does eau de clothes horse smell like?



  1. How cute! I love your novelty bag!

  2. Ahhhhh, yay! Your whole outfit is how i describe the onyx point necklace and earrings -- classy, edgy and magical! I love that this post turned into a bit of a conversation about perfume, as well. I really like the overcast-looking lighting as well. I am especially in the mood for magical vibes and fairytale lands these days, I just saw the movie Stardust yesterday and loved it. Also love the ivy and the intense texture of that stone tunnel... You look so classy, I feel like I wish I could see this as a perfume-ad style little movie...

    Thank you for for putting together such a lovely look with my jewelry Rebecca! <3 <3 <3

  3. Sweet dress!! I love stars!! *_*

  4. I love your red lip with this outfit! You're living my dream in Ireland hahaha.

    Emmy Jake NYC

  5. Odd question but I have to ask. Romwe. I've read horror stories but there is so much stuff on there I want. I assume the complaints are just from impatient nutters but I'm curious of your experiences with the company. From what I understand it's similar to YesStyle but maybe I'm wrong. Care to illuminate? Thank you. :)

  6. @Molly Lemmons, I haven't shopped YesStyle so I can't really make that comparison. I would say my experiences with Romwe have been pretty positive; quality is similar to F21, packages do take awhile to arrive, and sizes run small (which suits me b/c I am petite, but I would be careful if I was taller b/c minis can be very short!). Also for this dress it comes with the deeper v-neck pictured on the site, but I did a quick stitch up the front b/c that deep v looked bonkers on me! Haha, but other than that the quality of this dress is good--but I can only speak to the pieces I have and I don't really doubt people have received poor quality pieces, I think that's very possible based on the prices of the pieces.


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