Outfit: I Carry The Sun

I'm quite a fan of more bohemian inspired pieces.
Festival season always brings the desire for the style back to me; I don't go to festivals, but the style always influences fashion trends and sites every spring and summer. Folksy embroidery patterns on mini dresses, looser silhouettes, and full sleeves--clothes with a relaxed and natural air to them; worn with messy braids and sun-bronzed skin. But I don't think those style suit "me" that well. I mean, yes fashion is a means of self-expression and I would like to dress creatively and interestingly as my whims take me, but I'm also a victim to caring what I look like. And I think I look better in a 50s silhouette, fitted pieces and more ladylike looks; styles that flatter a petite frame and pale complexion. Do you ever feel the same way? That you admire a fashion style (or something else), but feel like it doesn't work on you personally?
This dress has some of the boho elements I like (gorgeous embroidered details) and a looser silhouette, but comes in black and mini form so I'm not feeling too out of my element in it. My waist is obscured in the cut, but that can be forgiven for these epic sleeves. I'd like to find more boho looks that suit me, but we'll see if I can ever truly break out of my 1950s inspired shell...

FreePeople dress, OMGJewels necklace, Topshop flats, old sun umbrella, Radley purse
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. This is so pretty! I love the embroidery!!

  2. you should listen to the song "Those dancing days are gone" by Carla Bruni (you can find it on Spotify). She interpreted W.B. Yeat's poem into a song, I like it a lot!

  3. Oh my gosh, the embroidery on the dress is soooo gorgeous! x


  4. You look amazing and gorgeous! Perfect!


  5. OMG your photos are just so dreamy and they always transport me to another world! Your outfit is also amazing - I love the details and I think it's super darling that it's a mini dress packed with details ahahha!

  6. Wow! I love the unicorn necklace, it's a very unique touch :3 I totally know what you mean about the admiring another style but not quite being comfortable pulling it off. I get that with menswear-inspired styles. I love the look of pleated pants, oxfords and a button-down, but I find it just doesn't quite flatter my frame nor suit my personality. Alas, we can always mix elements of these styles into our own to create unique looks, as you have done here :)
    -Emma <3

  7. There is nothing that I d9o not love about this outfit, it's amazing! x

  8. You know, it's only been after a year and a half of blogging that I've figured out what really flatters me. I'm quite small, myself, and I've begun gravitating toward skirts and dresses with defined waists and skinny pants. I'm into so many different styles and wanted to try them all, but I've since realized it's a good idea to stick with what looks right--so I see where you're coming from.

  9. Have you ever heard the Carla Bruni song with the lyrics of this poem? It was my mental soundtrack as I read your post :)

  10. I know what you mean..there are styles that I admire but I think they are not for me..I am pale and with gentle features like you and I think that the 50s style dresses are the best for myle, even if sometimes I'd like to try something aggressive/ rock or boyish. Nevertheless, you have tried and I think that you are beautiful also with this style, and the dress is gorgeous. Perhaps these are only limits put by our mind :p


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