Outfit: Pastoral

The more I wander the forests in this month the more I understand where so many Irish legends of fairy-folk come from.
The woods didn't look like this a few weeks ago; overnight seemingly by magic spring arrived and everything exploded into a riot of green and blossoms. It's easy to imagine the sudden abundance of blooms the work of some early morning sprite and to picture tiny fey creatures flitting around in the dappled sunlight only glimpsed from corners of your eyes. Who is to say the will-o-wisps don't wink along this path at night?

Style-wise this sort of landscape inspires pastoral ensembles for me. Idyllic little scenes of country life; a wide straw brim hat and casual ponytail with a soft and pretty dress that blends into the colors of nature. I only need a pet lamb to complete the look! This dress is more modern than what you'd find in a true pastoral painting, but still retro compared to today's styles. I'm quite in love with the assymetrical design and crisp, fresh stripes. It looks like it belongs in the woods here, but would also be nice on a seaside holiday or paired for an evening out with heels and a cardigan.

French Connection hatUnique Vintage dress c/o, flats, sunglasses, vintage purse
*pictures by Thomas*


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