Outfit: Bloom & Flutter

I saw these pretty pink trees blooming by a nearby office building while out on a walk and decided to go back later that day to snap a few pictures.
I don't mind taking pictures in public when a few passerbys might wander past, but I do try to avoid taking pictures in front of large office buildings where people working might end up watching you through their windows (maybe I'm paranoid, but I feel like if someone was prancing around with a tripod directly in front of my window I would find some entertainment in watching them for a few minutes at least). Since the sun sets so late here though I was able to go back by this building after everyone had left for the day and have the pretty spot all to myself. I think ruffled off-the-shoulder tops with overalls might be my new favorite thing. I just got a couple of new tops from Thief & Bandit and they are so pretty! I love the more feminine shape of the top with a slightly utilitarian piece like overalls. I'm also packing a couple of her pieces for when we're away in the south of England because the jersey doesn't easily wrinkle. I highly advise getting one of her pieces to take with you on your next vacation.
P.S. If you're looking for a basic boater hat, this is the one to get and it's on sale for less than £20.

*all pictures by me*


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