Outfit: The Summerisland Gatelodges

These gatelodges, seem aptly named Summerisland on a day like this with the sun bright and warm on your brow.
Their bright blue doors and trim also does remind me of islands and tropical waters, even if these wee houses are surrounded by rolling green hills. They're not far from our own small gatehouse and they always look quite cheerful even on grey days. Since we moved into a gatehouse ourselves our eyes are always peeled for other gatehouses wherever we go. There are still many around the countryside even when the main estate they once belonged to has been divided up by roads and housing complexes. Some aren't in good condition, roofs caved in and nature beginning to reclaim the once pretty buildings, but they're still charming in their own way adding a sense of adventure to the little green wooded areas--like you are discovering some forgotten treasure. It's easy to see why they do fall into neglect, most gatehouses are too small for a modern family to live in them and like the Summerisland gatelodges, lacking modern amenities like bathrooms or kitchens!

details: sunglasses, Lazzari top, Modcloth skirt, old heels, BritStitch purse
*pictures by Thomas*


Paige Calvert said...

Hope you like my blog as well lovely, yours is my fav!

Love Paige Joanna


Laura Mitbrodt said...

You always have the best locations! I love this look

Andini Ria said...

Dying over that collar detail, soooo cute! <3

Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

Christina said...

The collar on your top is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love those sunglasses too! What a perfect match for the colors on the gatehouse.

A Sentimental Adventure

Rachel said...

You look stunning! gorgeous look! cute outfit!


welovefur said...

Great lovely look. You are so cute

Ashley Christabelle said...

Color coordination on point, guuurl!


Rachel Elizabeth said...

These are so cute I want to live there!


Cristina C75 said...

I love your outfit and the Lazzari top! I live in Italy and I hope to visit soon Lazzari store in Verona :)


Anonymous said...

To see the coming together of that collar, those glasses and the gate lodge ( perfectly summarized in that first close-up) makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing the fun!