Outfit: Spring Bicycle Ride

May is off to a lovely start.
After wasting away most winter, I finally dragged my bicycle out for a spring ride through the park near my house. I still go out in winter and take photographs in brisk-er conditions, but spring is when I really start to enjoy these outings again and take my time with photographs. Now is when I start to fall in love with the outdoors and there hardly seems like a better time to be enjoying nature. Jeans are getting a higher rotation in my closet lately and not just because they are so practical for riding my bicycle in (although the practically does appeal)! I was always a little worried about wearing white jeans, but these ones feel so spring-y and perfect right now. The biggest downside of white jeans is how easily they get dirty. I didn't realize I had a grass stain on my bum (from sitting in the grass, who would have thought?!) until I was out later in the evening and Thomas pointed it out. Very handy of husbands to point out grass stains when you're already in public rather before you leave the house...still who will notice a wee grass stain when I'm wearing as pretty and busy a top as this one by Manoush? It's the perfect breezy, loose fit for warmer months and I adore all of the details. It's a perfect statement piece to set off with simple accessories and understated basics (like a pair of jeans with a stain on the bum...).
*all pictures by me*



  1. Your blouse is so pretty! i love these photos

  2. I love the whole outfit and the photos are really gorgeous... But I ADORE those earrings <3 so cute!

  3. Your hair, and that top, and those jeans, and that bike! They are all just perfect, I love the whole look.


  4. I can't wait to go on some bike rides! But you have such beautiful woods to ride in! I'm weary of white pants too but they do look perfect for spring. I love your little camera earrings!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  5. These photos are so nice! Your outfit is adorable, and I also love your hair.
    x julia

  6. Haha my husband always does that. I'll come home from dinner and dessert and I'll have something in my teeth from DINNER! I'll be like, "Why didn't you tell me I had something in my teeth?" And he'll say, "Oh, I didn't notice." And then I wonder what he was looking at all those hours he was talking to me lol.


  7. Magical photos as always! Your blog (content and photos) is incredibly inspiring and such a joy to visit. I'm not feeling so well today and your blog makes me happy. God bless you...

    How I wish I can see how you took that close-up side-view of your face on your own...


  8. @Cheryl, with further away shots I focus on an object (like my bike in this set) and then go to that spot. With closer shots, I don't focus in advance. I switch to one focus point strategically chosen for what I want in focus (i.g. for the shot you mentioned I don't want my face sharpest, I wanted to try to get the earring) and then have the camera auto-focus as I take the pictures. It's very trial-and-error getting close-ups and getting what you want in focus, but all self portrait photography is going to take patience and time. :)


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