Outfit: A Time To Bloom

I have the bad habit of leaving the house without checking whether or not my camera battery is charged (sometimes I forget to even look to see if there's a memory card inside), which leads to me rushing through the picture-taking process as my battery light blinks ominously at me.
It happened to me once again on this day, when I tried to take pictures with this pretty blooming tree. I started setting up another shot and the light stop blinking and my camera shut itself off. Whoops! Still I got enough photographs (and the tree was so exceedingly pretty) that even without my usual mix of full body shots and details I decided it would be worth it to post these. They're quite pretty, but I usually get into a flow mid-way through taking pictures and end up getting my best shots towards the end. When I have to quit partway through I'm always left wondering what pictures I would have gotten with all the time and battery life in the world...what sort of epic shots eluded me on this day?

*all pictures by me*



  1. Omg, the bright colors is just oh so lovely. Always love your outfit and the background is always so beaut!


  2. Your heart dress is so cute! I am obsessed!!

  3. such a lovely look! It really suits you :)


  4. I literally always forget to put my memory card back in my camera haha. The struggle is real! Cute outfit! I'm glad you had enough battery time to photograph this!


  5. Well at least you had enough battery to get a few shots because these are gorgeous! Love how vibrant your sweater and dress are especially amongst the white flowers. So pretty!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  6. WOW! This colorful look make me mad! You are super cute-
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want and check my last post
    many kisses

  7. I do the same thing with my camera's battery all the time! And mine takes so long to charge even a little bit that it's not like I can just go and plug it in for a few minutes.

  8. Such a lovely photoshoot!

  9. I finally learned to always charge my battery before and after a shoot, but I learned the hard way. :( Nonetheless, I find I tend to get my best shots towards the end of the shoot, too. It's like we have to get all warmed up! Love this outfit, love this spring scene.



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