Outfit: Retro in Red at Drum Manor

One of my favorite old manor houses to wander around on a sunny day is the ruined Drum Manor.
What remains of this manor house is actually the outside walls and what was once the interior of the home has been converted into a garden. I knew the beautiful stone walls would be the perfect backdrop for my new red dress by Miss Candyfloss. I wore this dress over our weekend away awhile back and only snapped one picture featuring it against the dramatic backdrop of an oncoming storm and Scrabo Tower. It's just such a stunner of a dress that calls for an equally dramatic location to set it off--although it also walks the line by being very easy and wearable that I've worn it on quieter days of errands (styled more simply with flats and sans beret and book clutch).

old beret (similarMiss Candyfloss dress c/o, old tights, Miz Mooz heels (old), book clutch (old)
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Absolutely love this dress!


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  3. Such a pretty dress!

  4. Hello! These clothes are GORGEOUS, as are you and the photos are delicious! I love your blog!

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  5. Your dress is so adorable!! I love it

  6. Such a beautiful dress!

  7. This is a beautiful dress and I love it with the beret, the tights and perhaps most of all the shoes. Perfect! Kx

  8. Those heels are so beautiful!

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  10. The red and those tights...sooo cute!


  11. You look so stunning! Wow! The dress is really beautiful! I really admire your style
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  12. You look amazing in these pics! Love the setting too!


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