Outfit: Bluebell Forest

Spring has many phases in Ireland.
It starts with the snowdrops which give way to daffodils and primroses and then before summer can strike some of the forests fill with bluebells. There's some forests famous for the bluebells, but even though the one by us isn't listed anywhere the bluebells were still a stunning site to behold. We spent an afternoon wandering deeper and deeper into the forest, chasing the pretty blue buds and enjoying the lingering evening. My outfit was a marriage of the practical and impractial--style and substance. I wore practical wellies with cozy socks and a less advisable white polka dot dress with embellished collar. My coat, like the bluebells, is from Northern Ireland; a clothing company that designs clothes spefically for our weather conditions that can withstand wind and rain. It was almost the same color as the bluebells and kept me dry and cozy even when I decided to lie on the forest ground! Anything for a good picture, right?

*pictures by Thomas*


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