Outfit: Trench Noir

I have a thing for trench coats.
I consider them one of the most necessary wardrobe staples and such a brilliant staple since they are often reinvented in fun colors and prints fit to suit almost any personality or style. The classic tan trench coat is still a favorite though and with my old tan trench looking as though it had been dragged through some trenches, it was time for a new one. This sleek style from Modcloth fits the bill nicely with crisp black trimmings that make me feel like I'm about to star in a film noir (and it's 70% off right now). Add a beret, newspaper clutch, and gloomy weather and it won't be too long before you find yourself caught up in some terrible crime with a mysterious stranger you can't help but be drawn to. Recommended watching to get in the film noir mood (or to study the art of being a femme fatale): Double IndemnityLaura, or Gilda. Basically my favorite film noir which I described in this post if you'd like a brief synopsis of each one (they're all excellent).

This newspaper clutch is basically *the best* accessory. I'm a big fan of novelty purses anyway and Na-Ra Hayley makes some of the most playful designs, but this newspaper clutch really takes the cake if you like vintage inspired outfits. Want to channel Jean Seberg ala Breathless? This clutch with skinny jeans completes the look. Want to go more film noir? Add a trench coat, search out some gloomy weather, and use the clutch to protect you from the rain.


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