Outfit: Green Lace Dress & A Walled Garden

It's officially summer and while returning to Ireland has meant a return to grey skies and rain we also have fleeting moments of sunshine perfect for escaping into a world of green.
Most of the gardens are past their peak now, displaying more leaves than blooms, but there's still so much charm in the walled gardens near us with their tall stone walls covered in creeping vines and lined with inviting benches. Admiring these pretty flowerbeds almost has me itching to do something with the garden outside of our small house which has been quite neglected for the past year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for more bright days that allow for further adventures in nature and perhaps even some gardening of my own!

Fashion blogging has evolved a lot since I first read blogs and started my own in 2007. One of the biggest changes I have noticed is the photography and "modeling" of bloggers. In the beginning there were distinct blogger "looks;" pigeon-toed poses where the subject stared at their feet and mirror selfies. Detail shots were rare, portraits even rarer (I long resisted portrait shots--blog pictures were supposed to be about clothes and the whole look, not my face!). Nowadays I feel as if it those little details that make a post exceptional. Close-ups that showcase the details that went into a look, details that define and make an outfit unique and personal. Mine are almost always on the whimsical side, turning even the more serious of dresses into something more playful with sunnglasses that look vaguely alien in shape or necklaces with gold snails creeping up a floral pendant.

*pictures by Thomas*


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