Outfit: Tied With A Bow

And I go back to red...
While I do love dipping my toes in other hair colors (and accessory colors), I inevitably feel drawn back to red. Red hair. A favorite pair of red flats. My favorite red lipstick shade which, like my shoes, hasn't been replaced in years. I'm pulling out a lot of the old favorites in this post and one new one--a pretty velvety dress by Nightmare Daydream finished with little red bows. Even that feels like an old favorite. I've always had a soft spot for velvet and vintage-inspired dresses with full skirts and crisp white collars. Any dip in my archive shows these elements again and again and I for one am not fighting it (at least for now!). Going back to red hair feels like going back to what is familiar; like your favorite dish that your mother makes you every year on your birthday. It's a fitting sensation giving our dreary weather lately. I've been pulling out all of my old favorites to combat these grey days--re-reading favorite books, nibbling on favorite sweets, and playing old playlists on repeat.

beret, Nightmare Daydream dress, old flats, old purse
*all pictures by me*



  1. What a cute dress, I love the velvet

  2. What a lovely dress, and perfect with your beret and shoes! Kx

  3. Such a beautiful dress, you look like princess in it!
    Have a great weekend! xx


  4. Beautiful photos and such a cute outfit x

  5. The outfit is so cute! I like your outfit! It's a long time from the last time I visited your blog, you new hair is really beautiful! This color brings me a different feeling because your red hair makes me feel like you are a characters from fairy tale :)
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  6. I know that feeling! I find myself taking in all my favorite old comforts whenever the weather starts cooling down, whenever it's gloomy out. Your dress is adorable, and I love those tiny bows! And I love the new (old) red hair!

  7. Rebecca!

    Absolutely lovely thanks so much for this post. Ladies who are interested in finding the Je t'aime dress from Nightmare Daydream.

    go here www.nightmaredaydream.com


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