My Favorite Summer Outfits From The Archives

I harp on about it over and over, but summer is my favorite season.
I love the long days and warm evenings. I like the simple outfits; the ease of dressing. So many of my favorite outfits are summer outfits. In honor of the Fourth of July and summer's official start a short time ago, I thought I would share a few of my favorite past outfits here. If you're curious about any look you can find a link back to the original post under the picture. The above outfit is from summer 2014 and that's still one of my favorite dresses; I wore it on my honeymoon last year too!

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  1. all gorgeous, Rebecca, you have such good taste!

  2. These are all perfect for summer. I love the mickey mouse one

  3. I love all these summer outfits! My favorite is the polka dot skirt with the mickey mouse top! It's so cute!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. OMG you looks so adarable ! I really love those vintage look !

  5. Hey Rebecca,
    Have you ever thought of publishing a book of your outfit photos?
    Outfit Zest

  6. @Joy, Not really--I'm just not sure it would appeal to a lot of people.

  7. Love your style and the photos so much! Every photos of yours are so beautiful~~ Sometimes I think I'm attracted to your site because of the photos with amazing backgrounds, not only the stunning dresses and outfits :D
    love quotes


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