Outfit: A Day At The Beach

With the most gorgeous weather I've seen in ages making a brief appearance in Northern Ireland this past weekend we made an impromptu visit to the beach.
Since even on nice days the water here is icy and the shore is breezy I opted for a longer dress instead of a swimsuit and will probably be regretting that decision for awhile! Don't get me wrong, the dress is great--I'm still a big fan of the dress (and it's adjustable straps, total bonus if you have a petite torso)--it is no fault of the dress that my memory of this day is slightly tainted. But if I had worn a swimsuit it would have meant I took the promise of sunshine and warmth seriously and would have been more prepared with sunscreen and a hat. The truth of the matter is, I didn't believe it would be that nice, that it even could be as hot as it was. I expected some sunshine with plenty of clouds; I thought it would be warm with a strong breeze that had me throwing on the light jacket I had brought. But I was quite thoroughly wrong. The day was sweltering, the breeze was near non-existent, and I soon forgot my jacket, quite happy to walk along the shore for ages cooling my toes in the waves. All of this rambling to say: I got sunburned. It is my first sunburn in Ireland and I suppose in some ways I should be impressed by it, but mostly I'm just annoyed that I let my guard slip and honestly a little miserable because my shoulders are sore!



  1. So sorry to hear that you got sunburned. Anyways that dress is so beautiful and you always look so good in a dress. It would be nice if you could make a post about your favorite summer dresses.

  2. Your dress is so adorable!! I love the print

  3. Oh, these photos are too gorgeous! <3

  4. Honestly most of my worst sunburns have been here in Ireland, sometimes even on semi-cloudy days! The weather here lulls you in to a false sense of security but when the sun finally comes out here it can be surprisingly strong. I have pale skin like you and after many painful incidents I'm now overly cautious with sun protection but its still easy to get caught out. I hope your shoulders feel better soon! :)

  5. That dress is so pretty, I have a dress in a similar pattern, which I have just created a blog post around.


  6. Such beautiful photos! Your hair just glows!

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  8. A swimsuit post would be so cool, I bet you own an adorable one. All of your clothes are so pretty, nothing compared to you, of course. I just love your style and hair! (sorry for the double post, was trying to get it to show up from my g+)

  9. How lovely fabric and overall silhouette of the dress, it is so lovely on you!

    Check out my video from 1970s-80s retro exhibition (link) or read about fashion forecasting and creation of fashion trends (link).

  10. oh no, hope your sunburn heals! i love this dress. it's so swooshy and gorgeous!


  11. The pattern of birds on the dress is so pretty and unique in that the birds are of different sizes. The pattern seems more random and organic that way.
    The Artyologist

  12. That is such a pretty dress. The swallows printed on the fabric make it a stand out dress.
    As for getting burned. Well here,rambling over the South Downs in southern England I go prepared for all eventualities.
    But that dress. Oh my! I must look at it again.
    Jo xxx


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