Outfit: Land of Legends

I never believed in fairies but long past childhood I clung to this sort of fervent hope that they were real. I wanted to believe.
My shelves were lined with books filled with stories of magical creatures and ancient legends. I never thought I'd find a fairy lurking in my mother's garden, but that didn't stop me from looking for them. I distinctly remember setting traps for leprechauns around the house while thinking "just in case..." It's one of life's fun twists of fate that now so many years later I find myself living in the land where so many of these stories were born. I have a husband who points out fairy trees in neighboring fields that farmers will never trim or uproot out of superstitious fear that such actions bring bad luck. Far from the cute fairies of my childhood these fairies are full of caprice. I sometimes want to break a branch off a fairy tree to see what will happen, but still haven't managed to buck up the courage; what if there is something to the stories? I go on walks in woods carpeted with clovers and bluebells and pass stone circles with origins so ancient it's hard to comprehend their beginnings as anything other than mythical. There is, of course, the modern world here as well--gas stations, cities, graffiti, malls, etc. But whenever I trip through the countryside so many fairy tales seem more real and possible than ever before and so of those childhood hopes start to stir in me again.



  1. Red hair and green velvet works like a dream and what a stunning, stunning backdrop 😍

  2. Oh my goodness these are so gorgeous! That first photo is particularly striking. Amazing work.


  3. Just perfect photoshoot *-* wishing that could be possible we wear those kind of clothes everyday <3

  4. These photos are amazing! I love the Outlander feel in them ;)
    I was never really drawn to fairies when I was younger, but I did think mermaids could possibly exist - although like you I knew I'd never actually see one, I still thought that maybe, they could be living somewhere deep in the ocean! :D

    Julia x
    Last post: Holiday Diaries in Sicily (pt. 2) | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2016/07/holiday-diaries-palermo-sicily-part-2.html

  5. These photos have got to be my favourites of yours ever, that first one especially! Such a dreamy, magical shoot... location, outfit, hair, everything is just perfect! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  6. These photos are so dreamy, I love your dress!

  7. I always wanted to believe in fairies too, but that little hope was quashed when I was young :( These images are so beautiful and otherworldly. If fairies existed anywhere, it would be there.
    The Artyologist

  8. One of my very favourite posts, ever (And I think I've been following your blog for 4 years)! They could be photos from a movie, or a secret fairy instagram? :) It is possible to believe in fairies with such a gorgeous setting.

  9. this is magical. I love that poem. ♥

  10. OH WOW!!! I felt like I was looking at an old Irish story.....so utterly breathtaking.

  11. I always visit your blog Rebecca because I am amazed by the photography but I also enjoy reading your posts. The reason I like reading your posts is because they're not long, not just about fashion or clothing but they're inspiring and wake up my imaginaton or memories like this post did. I usually don't leave comments but I really needed to say somthing this time.

  12. This is amazing, the perfect outfit for the location.


  13. wow you have such a amazing style . love your hair color.

    Jillian - www.cupofcharisma.com

  14. Amazing photos..


  15. so pretty! love this shoot! x sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.com

  16. Hello!
    I've been reading your blog for while now after discovering you in the french magazine "As you like". I simply love eveything about your style.

    How do you make that braid?
    And also : where did you buy those earrings? As a huge Robin Hood-fan, I simply need them! :)
    Greatings from South Tyrol!


  17. This is such a perfect spot and shoot for you! I love it!
    xx Jenelle


  18. @Helene, thanks for the sweet comment! This braid style is called a pull-through braid; I did a tutorial for it here. The earrings are unfortunately quite old and I can't even remember what shop I got them in.

    1. Thanks so much for your answer, I didn't see it until now.
      I so wish I had your wardrobe! :)

  19. These photos are just the dreamiest. <3

  20. Absolutely stunning! It isn't hard to believe in fairies in those surroundings. Some day I hope to visit that beautiful country ✨��

  21. These photos immediately made me think of the book The Mists of Avalon, I love them.

  22. This post makes me think of the movie Brave. You look like a modern day Merida. Your pictures are so beautiful and filled with life. I love your blog.


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