Outfit: Polka Dots Are Always A Good Idea

I think my recent post on 1940s style inspired this more classic ensemble.
This look is not remotely 1940s, but staring at black and white photographs for hours will make you a bit more drawn to black and white outfits and classic prints like polka dots. I was originally going to wear this with black shoes, but then I remembered these old red heels and thought "why not?" They're pretty comfortable for heels and it's been awhile since I did that old pop of color trick and I haven't worn heels in awhile. That's another thing looking at vintage photographs will inspire you to do: try harder. Even casual outfits from past decades look pulled-together and coordinated compared to our modern styles. Whether on at the airport or a beach, hair was always perfectly coiffed and lipstick was never smeared. Clothes were always sharp and chic and accessories were flawlessly coordinated from top to bottom. I definitely don't think I was "born in the wrong decade" or want to return to the past, but vintage styles will always get me. Perhaps this is because I am a person who likes trying or just generally cares too much. It's usually so much cooler to pretend you don't care, or you didn't try (even if in actuality you do and you worked really hard to cop that Veteman's DHL tee that you wear so casually) but I, for one, can't really pull that off and I'm ok with that. I wasn't the cool kid in school, I was always too quick to raise my hand in class and too quiet during the lunch break to be good craic, but hey even I can cop a cool-kid-faux-leather jacket and feel good in my "this is not just thrown together" outfit. Because at the end of the day at least I tried... 
Unique Vintage hair clip, jacket, old top, Chicwish skirt, old heels, old purse
*pictures by Thomas*


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