Remix: Two Ways To Wear Miss Patina Mermaid Shirt

It's been awhile since I've done a remix. They're still one of my favorite post types to do, but the whole changing between looks thing can be a bit tricky--do I run home between shots, change in the car, or just do a sly wardrobe change in the outdoors?
This change was pretty easy; I just had my shorts on underneath the skirt and whipped the skirt off when I had photographed the first set! The building behind me is an office building and I took the pictures after everyone had left for the day, so there was no one to witness that bit of ridiculousness! Anyway, here's a little remix featuring a sweet shirt with the cutest mermaid print on it. Do prints get any more adorable than this little mermaid one? Well this mer-cat print also by Miss Patina might be even more adorable, but personally I prefer the little swimming figures on this one. It's a delicate print that makes the white blouse quite unique without being over-the-top; you can mix this basic with so many other pieces in your wardrobe. For summer my styling is pretty simple; a good circle skirt or little denim shorts.

Call me on my shell phone...

*all pictures by me*



  1. Your shirt is so cute, I love the print

  2. I kind of have a small (BIG) obsession with mermaids so I think I need this shirt! Love how you styled it both classic:)

  3. That last outfit though! I wish I could pull off such a darling look.

  4. Are not circle skirts simply the best.And that shirt is tooo pretty for words.

  5. Where did you get those gorgeous shoes in the first outfit from?? I need a pair like that in my life! x

  6. Really like these Remix - posts!

    Off topic, would you recommend buying Croon - shoes? Are you happy with your pair?
    I'm very interested in them and already contacted the firm to ask about prices and shipping costs.
    Handmade leather shoes sound divine, am just a little worried as there's no fitting and trying on before
    ordering. Suppose I could ask them to give me centimeters before I decide which size to order.
    Thought I'd ask how you felt about your purchase before I make mine :)

  7. @Belle that pair of heels is by Hushpuppies! :)

  8. @Anonymous, I only have one pair of Croon shoes so I can't speak to their quality across the board. My pair, however, is very comfortable; shoes usually rub my feet raw at first and these fit brilliantly and didn't give me a blister on the day I wore them. I definitely would ask all of questions you have on sizing and fit to the brand--you can never have too much information and ill-fitting shoes are the worst!

  9. I have just noticed that you have taken these photos,Rebbeca. And lovely they are,too. I would imagine it's time consuming getting the pose;the background,and you,just right.
    My friend,Rebecca takes lovely photos,too. It must be a Becky thing. X

  10. @Jo, haha maybe it is a Rebecca thing, although I don't have any friends with my name so I can't confirm it for certain! :p But yes, it is time consuming but also so rewarding when you do get shots you like! It's definitely easier when I take pictures for other people or collaborate with someone.


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