Outfit: Greenhouse Growth

This little greenhouse isn't too far from where we live and we sometimes like to visit it for photographs.
It's one of the locations we go to that we never know what to expect. I have favorite little trails I can wander along for pictures that will always be quiet and scenic spots near office buildings that I know the work hours of so I can visit when they're empty, but some places you can't predict as well. Some of my favorite manor houses or estates will be completely empty one time you go and crowded the next. This greenhouse is unpredictable because it's not quite abandoned but not exactly well maintained. Right now it is filled with grape vines sprawling wildly up the walls and across the grounds, but in autumn it's usually a mess of dead leaves and dirty counters. One day we came by and it was filled with chairs, just ordinary random chairs all lined up. So sometimes you have to think on your feet--move a load of chairs around, or just say "nope that isn't going to work today" and go on a walk and forget about pictures. This time the greenhouse was exactly how we wanted; quiet, empty, and full of lush greens that contrasted perfectly with my peach summer dress.


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