Travel: Postcards From The Irish Isles

When you get the weather, Ireland can't be beat.
Since you don't always "get the weather" you usually find the most idyllic beaches and winding country roads lined with stone walls and creeping vines of blackberries, empty and quiet. If you venture away from mainland Ireland to an even more isolated island then the quietness is compounded, but spiced with a warm, welcoming sense of community whenever you stumble into the island pub to rest your weary feet. There's one taxi man on the island, but so far we've managed to go from one end to the other on foot, sometimes buffeted and buoyed by wind in the evenings. After a few days you get used to the island ryhthm and can easily imagine spending more of your days here...



  1. Great shots and love the top!!

  2. Your luggage is so cute! love these photos

  3. Your description reminds me of hiking & exploring the English country side. Endless stone walls & blackberry hedges. Reaching a train station only to find no trains are running. Waiting 50 mins for a taxi and a warm cozy pub as a reward. What a wonderful time.

  4. These are awesome photos. I really want to visit Ireland one day!

    / O.R.R. - Life & Style Journal

  5. Gorgeous photos! You really suit short hair, I'm loving the colors you've put together in these photos.


  6. Oh, man. these are some of my favorite pictures ever from your blog!! I love the shell picture paired with you reading. those are beautiful shots!!! Those colors are absolutely beautiful. and I love the new hair. you look great!! <3

  7. Girlie your hair is so cute short! You seriously pull off anything <3 these photos are beyond dreamy as well xx

  8. I'm loving the new hair and the top is so beautiful.

  9. I love this outfit! Your suitcase is so cute, and all the colours in this post are so pretty!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  10. This looks like such a pretty and relaxing place to visit.
    The Artyologist


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