Outfit: Autumn Formal

October has become one of my favorite months, partly because it seems to be Thomas's favorite month.
I've always thought that passion or excitemnt is contagious--it's one of my top tips for people who want to get into fashion blogging, to make sure they're excited about what they're writing and doing because that attracts others and makes them excited too--and now I'm experiencing signs of October contagion! There's so many fun autumn activities to do in October, not to mention all of the costumes and candy! This October I'm also photographing a couple of weddings and attending another which has me in the mind of autumn formal wear. I definitely have loads of pretty dresses (like this lovely navy one I'm wearing today) but I do feel I have a lack of formal outerwear for cooler days and evenings. Sure you can throw a cardigan or nice coat on top, or perhaps wrap yourself in a decorative scarf, but I'm craving something a bit more glamorous. Something an old Hollywood actress might wear, like a velvet wrap or vintage fur stole. I'll be on the hunt for one this winter in the vintage shops near my parents' home.

I wonder if anyone recognized this old velvet bow belt? I made it one night in 2009 (back when I used to sew on a whim in the middle of the night) and although I haven't worn it much in recent years, I've dragged it with me from home to home a little too attached to get rid of it. When I first made it I always wore it coordinating with my outfits but standing boldly out; like pairing it with a patterned or different colored dress. Now I think I like it styled more subtly, matching the shade of my dress exactly but cinching in my waist as a more quiet detail. It's interesting how certain pieces, clothes, you keep through the years don't change (except perhaps with some wear and tear), but we see and style them differently because our perspectives and selves have changed in the intervening time.

old headband, Gatsbylady dress, DIY bow belt, old heels, Nara Hayley camera purse
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. I agree- passion is contagious! And fall is a lovely time of year, and with the chilly weather arriving all the activities make it so much more enjoyable! Your velvet bow is beautiful by the way!

  2. have you thought about posting some of your work from weddings/engagement shoots? with the permission of the people involved, of course! (: i'm just curious, and definitely keen on seeing the kind of photography that you do off the blog. i'm sure it's quite lovely.

    and yes, i recognize the belt. i will always recognize the belt. x

  3. What a cute look, I love that purse

  4. I remember that belt! [insert rosy-cheeked emoji grin] I love that you've kept it through all the moves and as your style evolves.

  5. Totally recognized the belt! ;-)

  6. That dress is so lovely! And I always feel like the things that make it through the years with you that you can still style, even if in different ways, are the best reflection of your true style.


  7. OMG!! perfect dress!! So romantic!

  8. That dress is beautiful! And the belt is gorgeous and it looks great paired with that dress.

  9. Nice look!

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the dress!


  11. This dress is stunning and you look cool in this outfit.I love your clutch as well


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