Outfit: Creature Of Habit

I have been accused (usually in a teasing tone by friends) of being a creature of habit.
I think it's sort of odd to call someone who changes state or country of residence every three years a creature of habit. My life is uprooted so frequently it shapes the way I look at belongings and what I choose to collect and so on. But my friends in Pennsylvania thought it was odd I'd drive an extra ten minutes past a closer supermarket to one that was more familiar to me. But in the three years I lived in Pennsylvania I changed houses twice and had just gotten familiar with the layout of that supermarket when I moved. The thing is when you uproot and change a lot of things pretty frequently, it's nice to keep certain small things consistent. In PA I had changed houses, bought new furniture, and learnt what it was like to live in a new city with new housemates, but I wasn't about to memorize a new supermarket layout when I could get everything I needed in half the time at my old store just by driving a few extra miles!
Sartorially I also tend to be a creature of habit. I might try a new hairstyle or color every few months, but my clothing style is consistent through the years. Some weeks I even seem to just have the same shoes or accessories on repeat (I used the same handbag in every post this week!). I spent most of my summer in a pair of black, triple strap flats, and if this week is a sign of anything I'll spend most of autumn in these lace-up brown heels. They're comfortable, give me just a little bit of height, and go with everything (and make me consider what other lace up heels I should get). There's comfort in the familiar and knowing what to expect from things or places or people. So yeah, I might be a bit of a tumble weed with a penchant for major hair change, but I guess you can call me a creature of habit...  
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  1. I'm the same way! Despite all the change that has happened I still try to keep things constant! By the way I LOVE your skirt!!!

  2. Beautiful images, love the outfit. I can relate to this, I make big changes a lot but like to keep some of the small things the same.


  3. What a cute look, I love your vintage camera and necklace

  4. Really, such a cute outfit. Love it

  5. This is such a cute outfit! And I am definitely a creature of habbit, too :-)

  6. I think I'm also a creature of habbit. Routines satisfy me and make me feel like I'm in control. That's a really pretty outfit, I really love the shoes.

  7. This outfit is beautiful! And I think life could get very tiring if you did nothing out of habit, there's nothing wrong with that <3

    The Quirky Queer

  8. The Miss Patina top is beautiful :) and there's nothing wrong with being a creature of habit! It just means you're comfortable with certain things and that's how you prefer it.

  9. This question isn't related to your post but as someone who wears mostly dresses/skirts, how do you deal with the wind factor? I'm in Scotland where a brisk wind is pretty much constant and I'm always wary of flashing people (I tend to wear shorts underneath but its still a bit awkward to have the skirts flying up, so I end up mostly wearing trousers haha). The type you have in this post seems particularly susceptible!

  10. Where in PA are you from? One of the pictures you posted way back looks like a play ground I used to go to growing up.

  11. @Shauna, I mostly stick to jeans on really windy days. It isn't that windy here unless you go to the coast so I don't really worry about my skirts or dresses blowing around much.

  12. @Anonymous, I'm not from PA, but I lived in the Lancaster area for three years.


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