Outfit: Stroll Into The 1930s

This dress is a bit intimidating.
If you've read this blog for more than a day you've probably noticed my penchant (obsession?) with skater dresses, or dresses that are relatively fitted on top with a full flared skirt. Even when I wear separates I still try to stick to this silhouette, so wearing a fitted dress like this a quite a departure for me. It's a shape I don't think I'll ever fill completely comfortable in because it's not really designed with my body type in mind. But it's also such a lovely, intriguing dress straight out of the 1930s so how could I resist? And comfort aside, I did feel quite good strolling around in this dress. It's a bit of a head-turner, a feature no doubt exacerbated by retro styling with more reproduction pieces and real vintage accessories, but personally I can't see it styled any other way.

*pictures by Thomas*


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