Outfit: A Quiet Mouse Of A Girl

I decided recently that I have a thing for mice. I'm not sure I like the little critters in real life when they invade your home, but there's something sweet and cute about them (especially as accessories and prints!) that I'm quite enamored with.
A lot of it comes from a description I read once in a book that burned itself into me. "She was a quiet mouse of a girl, with grey eyes that hold secrets like the sea." I used a version of that phrase as my bio for ages because it resonated in me. It holds quite the punch because it establishes her as someone small, maybe insignificant, but then you realize she has unseen depths (as all of us do). I relate to it as well because I am also mousey in some ways; I am petite and quiet and can seem timid, but I end up surprising people because they underestimate me. I've even had people call me mousey in a mean way, which just makes me smile a bit because yes, I am like a little mouse, but I hold secrets as deep as the sea. Sometimes we see certain aspects of ourselves (like shy or introverted) as negatives when they're actually neutral, sure some people would try to say you are those things in a negative way but we don't have to accept their perspective of ourselves. So, I think I might try to introduce more mice into my wardrobe, to bring this signature and symbol into my style more--and all symbolism aside I just really want this mouse purse because it's adorable. Although of course my sweet dress doesn't feature actual mice, but little quolls. They're pretty adorable and I wouldn't mind being described as quoll-y but I somehow doubt that will take off!


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