Outfit: Robin Redbreast

Another day, another cute animal print.
I know what I like and what I like is for my clothes to have little animals and sometimes insects all over them. Completely in the figurative or print sense, but taking pictures outdoors in woodland or other pastoral settings does mean I do get my fair share of actual insects crawling on me. It just goes with the territory; like getting dirt on your shoes because the paths aren't paved or getting grass stains on your skirt because you sat before you thought. But I think it's my love of vintage clothing that makes me a bit careless or at least relaxed about staining or damaging my clothes. Because I do love clothes, you can't really be a fashion blogger for this many years and be indifferent to clothes, but I don't mind them looking lived in--I want them to be lived in. When you buy vintage pieces there's always some quirk or flaw to it; an old zipper that takes forever to pull or tiny holes in the fabric that you can't stitch up but aren't really noticeable to anyone but you. You accept the flaws because you love the piece and sometimes the flaws are what is charming about them; you wonder how these happened or you admire that the dress is still in such good condition after being worn by someone so many years ago. Sure it has a few wrinkles and scars, but it has "lived" and it is still here to share its story. I don't know if any of my current pieces will ever be treasured vintage for someone else one day, but I don't mind if they get a few scars (or mud stains) in the mean time. I feel good when I look cute, but I want to take that feeling with me wherever the dirt path leads me...

*all pictures by me*


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