Outfit: Strawberry Blouse & An Abandoned Manor House

I used to attend NYFW, although that feels like a lifetime ago and sort of surreal since it's so removed from my life now. And in many ways my life now feels surreal--how exactly did I end up living in a foreign country and adorable gatehouse?!
I don't miss the trips to New York too much and while there is a thrill from seeing a large scale runway show live, I remember and miss the more intimate studio visits I'd make more. Big, well-known designer names and expensive runway shows and presentations are thrilling, but you don't get a personal experience or connection to a brand that way. You don't get to sit down with the designer over a cup of tea and plate of buns and pick their brains for inspiration--the way I used to with Nina of Family Affairs. Visiting her studio was more like seeing an old friend for snacks and a chat, all while rifling through their closet. It's been a few years since I've paid a visit in person to snoop through Nina's latest collection, but her collections have me hooked as much now as they did in the early days. This season's collection is all about "Tea rooms with faded velvet benches, Earl Grey tea with Joan Didion, eating oranges in a zen garden. Biking to the library in misty London autumn..." Visually that translates into the perfect button-down blouses and dresses in pale blue checks, bright apple red, and (my favorite) strawberry print. Do check out her shop if you want to support and indepdent designer and get some lovely new pieces as well! 


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