Outfit: Such A Betty

Have you heard of Joanie Clothing?
They're a new, retro fashion line that comes in extended sizes and is pretty darn cute. My dress is by them, but I'm already coveting their gorgeous library book print pieces! That skirt has my name all over it. This dress is called the Betty and combined with the brand name I have Mad Men on the mind. As someone who loves to wear vintage clothing that show was such a visual treat; the amount of detail that went into the costumes and seeing real world vintage looks (as opposed to glossy films or ads from the era) was really inspiring. As almost always when I talk about my love of vintage I feel it is necessary to put a disclaimer that I have no interest in actually returning to the past or applying the values or lifestyle of that era to my life. I mean, I really like that style of clothes--I even enjoy the kitschy aprons, frou frou nightie sets, and super matchy accessories--but that is where my interest ends: the visuals. That's another reason to like Mad Men; it doesn't sugarcoat that time period and make life back then seem more ideal and appealing than life now (for women anyway!). So visually, I've been in the mood to wear more literal vintage looks lately and channel some retro hairstyles (pin curls here I come!), a re-watch of the show might be necessary...



  1. I lob this dress! And the adorable bat necklace tops it off for the holiday season!

  2. I *think* this is the second time you've worn this cardigan on your blog and I find myself still craving it. I think I'm going to have to order it! I hope they ship to the States.

  3. I watch Mad Men for the same exact reason....to drool over the clothes!!

  4. Your dress is so cute!! I love this look

  5. Oh,was not Mad Men simply wonderful? Those 50s dresses to drool over. This gorgeous dress is soo you.

  6. Your wear vintage so well! I love how you combined an edgier jacket with this dress.

  7. I hope I'm not the only one that thinks this outfit is so perfect for a chic/office halloween look. The black and white stripe with the orange cardigan is too perfect. Love it!


  8. Gorgeous outfit! The dress is beautiful.

  9. heading my way to check this new store! love love your pictures as usual :)

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