Michael Takes A Vacation

It's been one year since I married Michael and became Mrs. Myers. It's been a growing year--they say you don't really know the person you marry, but I've been with Michael for more than twelve months and I still don't feel as if I know him at all! He's always full of surprises and it will forever be a mystery to me how he stains his clothes! Dirty laundry practically every day and he keeps taking my kitchen knives to work too. His job always keeps him busy at the oddest hours, to the point where I never know when to expect him but this year I surprised him with a special vacation to Florida. He was resistant at first, but agreed to the holiday eventually saying he could do his work from anywhere.
mike-1 mikey-1<
wearing: sunglasses, Family Affairs dress, old, handbag, old sandals
mikey-2mikey-3 mikey-1-2 michael-1 michael-1-8 michael-1-4 michael-1-2
wearing: Oui Fresh sunglasses, Romwe dress, old flats



  1. I love it!! I just found this blog today and I bookmarked it after reading the first post and seeing the cute/funny pix!! I will definately check back.

  2. been waiting for this! haha best thing ever :D

  3. Hurray, the return of Michael! You two are goofballs and I love it!

  4. The relationship between you two seems amazing!

  5. LOL, this made my morning already. So fun and silly! Happy Friday!

  6. I too have been waiting for the wonderful Micheal Meyers post! So funny and cute!

  7. haha this is so awesome! I love it

  8. Ha! This is absolutely AMAZING! xx



  9. Ohmy! Loooove that Michael & wife are back & on vacation to even make it better. It comes to my mind the holiday scene from Sweeney Todd were the bright colors in contrast with the creepy husband makes everything looks even scarier somehow. I admire (big) your cinematographic storytelling and visuals in this post!

  10. I was just thinking about your Halloween post for last year and wondering what it would be this year! I just love these photos :)

  11. LOL! These are incredible. The photo of you all bright and bubbly with the soda bottle against the striped wall is genius. And what can one say about Michael in the pool? I'm devastated with Halloween merriment.


  12. you guys NAILED it! sooooo good :)

  13. Michael seems so happy to be having a vacation in Florida. I bet he really fits into the culture down there. Have blast you two ;)


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