Michael Takes A Vacation

It's been one year since I married Michael and became Mrs. Myers. It's been a growing year--they say you don't really know the person you marry, but I've been with Michael for more than twelve months and I still don't feel as if I know him at all! He's always full of surprises and it will forever be a mystery to me how he stains his clothes! Dirty laundry practically every day and he keeps taking my kitchen knives to work too. His job always keeps him busy at the oddest hours, to the point where I never know when to expect him but this year I surprised him with a special vacation to Florida. He was resistant at first, but agreed to the holiday eventually saying he could do his work from anywhere.
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wearing: sunglasses, Family Affairs dress, old, handbag, old sandals
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wearing: Oui Fresh sunglasses, Romwe dress, old flats


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