Style Crush: Dark Swan Maidens

I was going to post an outfit post today, but I got the flu a couple of days ago and haven't been able to shoot any new outfits--I haven't even been wearing outfits, just old sweaters and sad leggings. So instead of sad pictures in sick clothes, I thought I'd share this inspiration post I was planning for later this month...I've been revisiting a lot of my Halloween Style Crushes from last year for inspiration this autumn.
One of my favorite fairytale stories is that of swan maidens. Similar to selkies (seals who shed their seal-skins to appear human), swan maidens are swans that are able to set aside their feather cloaks and walk the earth as humans. If a human steals a maiden's feather cloak she can't transform back and is usually bound to him. I always picture swan maidens as shy and graceful and fearsome in their own way. They also make for brilliant autumn styling inspiration--a sort of feathery take on Gothic glamour. 


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