It Was All Yellow

November has only just arrived and I'm battling jet lag and a post-Halloween candy coma! Although truthfully I probably ate more sweets on our flight home just prior to Halloween than I did on the actual day. It's hard to resist temptation on a 6+ hour flight with little to keep you occupied and a purse stuffed with Butterfingers (b/c I can't find Butterfingers in Northern Ireland, so I try to stock up on them when I'm stateside). Another thing I noticed on my recent flights and layovers is so much mustard yellow clothing. Girls in mustard hats, men with yellow jackets, scarves that perfectly matched my coat, etc. I haven't read too many magazines or online trend pieces lately so I'm probably quite late to the game at this point, but it seems like one of my favorite colors is very big this autumn/winter season. When something you love becomes trendy it's usually bittersweet. On one hand, you can celebrate because your favorite thing should now be readily available to you in loads of stores. If you, like me, love yellow, this is probably a good season to shop for all of those perfect yellow pieces to last you for years when some other color is "hot" and you can't find the mustard yellow coat of your dreams. However, since what you love is now trendy people will probably say "how trendy of you!" when they spy your sweet mustard beret that you've had for eons, implying you are following the trend rather than your personal tastes. As I said, bittersweet. But if you ask me, a few incorrect assumptions are worth filling your wardrobe with your favorite things.
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hat, old coat, Joules scarfbroochGood Looking Objects necklace, vintage dress, Joules wellies & fleece socks
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. I was never a big fan of yellow but since I got a mustard yellow jacket for my birthday last year I've been loving that colour and I definitely want to find more pieces in that colour this season.

  2. I love this yellow theme, your outfit is so cute

  3. Very true. Bittersweet it is. Your vintage dress is darking by the way!!!

  4. Hi Rebecca, I thought of you since you love to collect novelty purses. This other fashion blogger loves Disney and she posted it on her blog Fashionable Collections. Here it is! Enjoy!

    I think the Beast from Beauty and the Beast is my favorite purse. Lol!


  5. You have put into words exactly how I feel about my favorite things becoming trendy. Also, I always know there's going to be that moment when what I love is "so last season" and it appears like I'm trying and failing to be trendy rather than just having a personal style. Lol. Oh, well!

  6. I usually never like yellow but I love this outfit!

  7. Too cute! I love that your coat and dress end at the same length. It's like they were made for each other ;-)

    - Elle ♡

  8. Love your coat!

    I've been planning to crochet myself a mustard beret since I saw one in Maggie's Plan when I saw the movie in the cinema. Hopefully I'll get to it soon. I have all the supplies at the ready, I just need to sit down, watch the movie again and actually make it:)

  9. I never used to be a big fan of yellow, but a few years ago I was gifted with a yellow dress and realized just how beautiful a color it could be. I love your gorgeous yellow coat and the sweet dress underneath. So fresh, bright, and beautiful for fall!
    Zella Maybe

  10. @Sharon Song, thanks for the tip and link! Those bags are so cute! I'm with you; I think my favorites are the Snow White crossbody (which looks like a backpack & I wish was a backpack???) and the Beast clutch.

  11. in love with all of the YELLOW! This is definitely a favorite color right now and this post makes me love it even more:)

  12. Such a cute coat. I've always been a fan of the mustard color. I'm looking for a cute mustard yellow coat this winter.

  13. I found this shop on etsy yesterday and thought of you -

  14. Sooo pretty, I'm just in love with that coat! <3


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