Outfit: Country Escape

It's the time of year when people talk about "escaping the city" for a few days to enjoy a bit of nature in autumn time, or capture some momentary peace and quiet. And then there are those of us who live far outside city walls and only venture back to bustling streets for an hour or two. I grew up moving all around, so I've lived in apartments in cities, suburbs in the South, an old farm house on a country road surrounded by corn fields, and a number of towns, cities, and homes in between. And after all the variety of options, it's definitely the country life for me. I'm quite happy that I can walk out my door and within minutes be surrounded by more sheep than cows! Perhaps because I'm new to this particular bit of nature (or because I didn't grow up somewhere rural) but I still find myself appreciating this beautiful bit of country I find myself in on a daily basis. During the day there's a beautiful explosion of autumn color in the woods around me and in the evenings flocks of crows add a certain spooky element to grey skies. Some escape to the country for a day or two, but I'd say my escape is pretty permanent...
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*pictures by Thomas*


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