Outfit: Mists of Avalon

The woods have turned mystical. A blanket of mist and fog descending from above to weave between the bare, splintered trees, settling on the bed of orange-red leaves. I also weave between the wintered trunks, tripping down familiar paths now hidden beneath a thick layer of autumn slowly fading away. Some days I walk this way in practical jeans and boots and a smart coat, but other days it makes sense to drift through the woods like a romantic sprite. A romantic sprite with damp hemlines, since reality is almost never quite as romantic as the stories, although sometimes, sometimes it is even lovelier...   
                                                                     *Les Papillon de Leticia crownFree People Wednesday dressMoon Spinner rings*

I have a thing for crowns. Not tiaras, nor mimicking the monarchy, but rather something more whimsical and fantastical. I find them randomly, often not while looking for them (and inevitably lose them in my home...), like the one I'm wearing today. I found it while looking for mouse hats--as one does--but fell in love with this beauty instead. Handmade by Leticia who specializes in dreamy, bridal pieces with delicate petals and felt hat fits for a traditional riding party. The crown topped off an already romantic look...although I still kind of want that mouse hat.  


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