Outfit: Put Me In Your Talkie

I've been working with Gatsbylady (a UK based family run business that designs beautiful 1920s inspired dresses in a wide range of sizes) for awhile now, so I have several Gatsbylady dresses and am pretty well versed on their selection. Still, I have to say I think this might be my favorite Gatsbylady dress yet (and there's a similar blush style as well)! I really love how they designed the beading around the collar and the fringe on the skirt gives the nicest bit of movement when you walk or dance. The collar feels slightly Cleopatra-esque; a fitting tribute if intentional since people were a bit Egypt-mad in the 1920s. It was called "Tutmania" after the media craze created when British archaeologist discovered Tutankhamen tomb in 1922. With many of the finds photographed and printed in magazines, a trend for anything Egypt inspired was born. Fashion design was especially influenced by the art--the rich colors of paintings bringing vermilion and lapis-lazuli into fashion as well as the draped clothing style and various pattern motifs (like the lotus) that were replicated into beaded designs like the one I'm wearing today. It wouldn't be long before mummies found their way into films as well, with the classic, pre-code horror film from 1932. Vintage movies, especially early talkies are on my mind, since with my headband, faux fur caplet, and novelty purse in the shape of a vintage camera I feel like a flapper starlet ready to walk her first red carpet. I've been wanting a vintage or faux fur caplet for ages, but always felt they looked too "fancy" in a "where would I ever wear that?!" sort of way. But now that I have it I think I might find a lot of excuses to wear it, especially this holiday season when so few coats match my favorite party dresses.
                    Gatsbylady headband & Clara dressUnique Vintage faux fur, shoes (more mary jane styles)Nara Hayley camera purseblack gloves



  1. I love this set of photos! I also love how much you know about the era and can put these outfits into context. All that being said, you look absolutely glamorous in that dress and like you've traveled through time. I think the novelty purse adds a very nice touch to this outfit.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  2. I love that you chose to do almost all of these in black in white! It gives it a true vintage feel, and gives off a vibe that says, "Rebecca is ACTUALLY from the 1920's!!!!!" Haha! Loving the fur too!

  3. You look so good in this style! I love it!

  4. Spectacular pictures! Looking forward to see more Zelda-esque styles! :)

  5. Beautiful photos and outfit! I love anything 1920s, especially the fashion. Also thanks for the little history lesson! It's so cool how ancient Egypt found it's way into the 20's culture!

  6. This is such a fabulous look on you - the whole style is almost made for you! Kx

  7. The dress is such an amazing find! I love all the photos!

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