Outfit: The Craic'd Pot

Craic is a word you hear a lot of in Ireland. Upon meeting up with friends. "What's the craic?" After seeing people. "How was the craic?" Pronounced like crack, it basically means fun, or good times. It threw me when I first moved here how often people talked or asked about craic, but now it rolls off my tongue quite easily. I find myself asking others "what's the craic" and saying "it was good craic" after an enjoyable evening. Some days it feels like everything goes back to craic. And now, Armagh (our favorite local stomping ground for food, entertainment, etc) has The Craic'd Pot. A cozy coffee shop with the most welcoming interior and delightful hot chocolate.  
beret (more berets), old moto jacket (more styles here), fox scarf (similar), Samantha Pleet dressnotebooks
I'm not much of a cafe frequenter. Since I don't drink coffee, there's usually no reason to stop into a coffee shop, let alone linger over a cuppa. But in winter it is nice to escape your house for a change of scenery and bit of pastry. The better the ambiance, the more tempted I am to make such visits a routine; heading over with pen in hand and enough time to linger and people watch by the window...
*pictures by Thomas* 



  1. These pictures have such a warm glowing vibe! LOVE😍

  2. I love the candle print dress!

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  4. What a cute little fox you're drawing. Also this dress looks so cosy.

  5. This place looks so cool, I love it

  6. The glass of hot chocolate somehow is the perfect prop for the candle pattern. An the scarf color looks like an exact match to your hair. I can't tell from the picture but I think that could be a fox scarf? It would be a nice tie in with your drawing : )

  7. As always a lovely post! However I was wondering if I could ask some questions about Thomas and his photography? And also yours as I know you take some yourself :) what camera and what lens do you use? And what aperture most commonly? I'm a huge photonerd so I just want to know. Considering buying myself a new lens you see :) keep up the lovely blogging!! Love from Sweden xx


  8. @Sara, We use a canon mark ii with a 50mm lens. We don't have a set/normal aperture. Even for this shoot Thomas adjusted the settings for pretty much every new angle.

  9. @Anonyomous, yes it is my fox scarf :) I was wearing a few more layers than you see in these pictures, but it was nice to shed them indoors

  10. Your hair is stunning!

    Xo, Amanda


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