Outfit: Queen Of The Coats

I have a thing for coats. My "thing" largely being I collect too many of them and focus on ones with interesting details or come in fun colors. It's great when it is winter and 90% of what people see is your outwear, but not the most practical when you feel like they're piling up in every corner of your house and each one has so much style to it, you have to build your outfit around the coat you want to wear rather than get dressed and just throw on one. Some days I do just get dressed and then have to rifle through all the coats in my closet trying to figure out which coat actually semi-matches what I'm wearing. Some days it's easy to find a match, but there are times when I wish I had a few more basic coats in my closet...which of course would just be another excuse to get MORE coats. This peachy, scallop coat is the latest to my collection. It's quite warm, but still nicely fitted and works with some of my more ladylike winter outfits. We shot it on a sunny evening at this pretty little bridge. I'd love to see what this area looks like later in winter with a fresh blanket of crisp snow; I feel like it would be such a pretty winter wonderland sort of scene.

*pictures by Thomas*


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