Outfit: To Grandmother's House We Go

Ah, the Christmas visit to your family's house where your fringe grows too long and your skirts/jeans start to feel too tight from delicious home-cooking. I got to eat a lot of my favorite meals while I was home and part of the pleasure as an adult is simply not having to cook for a couple of weeks! I tried to pack light, bringing my favorite classic sort of jumpers (or sweaters if you're feeling American) and these little Modcloth skirts that go with everything, but somehow I ended up coming home with luggage twice as heavy as it was when I left! We had too much fun at our favorite vintage shops...

We took these pictures at my Grandmother's house. It's always a nostalgic place for me to visit since my family moved every few years I never had a consistent house to call home, but my Grandmother has lived in one place all these years. So whenever we could make it there at the holidays it was always the same; it's the only house I can visit and relive childhood memories. A few things have changed, like a wall color here or there and the playground in backyard is gone, but she still has her Coca-Cola collection (that I am freer to explore now that I'm unlikely to break anything!) and so many curious knick-knacks throughout her house that I find as interesting now as I did when I was a kid.


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