Kitten Knits

I was discussing vintage inspired fashion recently and found myself lamenting the lack of everyday-wear reproductions and knits. It just seems most brands that make vintage reproductions get caught up in making 50s inspired dresses in novelty prints, which while lovely lead to a somewhat limited selection. Trousers, knitwear, 30s and 40s inspired pieces seem to be much harder to come by, but of course my style isn't completely vintage inspired so I could be out of the loop on some great brands. I did remember after the discussion, one designer who's retro knitwear was already hanging in my closet waiting to be worn--Emmy Design. Her ice skater cardigans look straight out of a Barbara Stanwyck film (or maybe more accurately given the name a Sonja Henie film) and most of her other pieces from trousers to jacquard skirts are perfect vintage-inspired daywear. They're pieces people would have been wearing in past decades as they went about their lives, rather than a fancy dress only brought out for special occasions. I know I'm hardly one to talk about appropriate daywear since I'm a sucker for novelty purses, but I lately I have my eye out for more "everyday refined" pieces that look nice, but aren't necessarily fancy. Like tweed skirt suits that look so elegant to the modern eye, but were essentially practical workwear in materials made to last.


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