Outfit: Cute Cottages

I slipped into the world of fantasy home shopping the other day. It started with a cute, reasonably priced thatch cottage for sale in a county near us and quickly escalated into stone towers and gothic castles on the market. If you want to live in a castle in Ireland, it's definitely possible if you have the budget! Before I moved here I heard about a castle that had been renovated into apartments and was quite convinced we should live there. Thomas talked me into the gatehouse instead and while I love where we live, I still can't help doing a little window shopping for other homes. We aren't planning on moving anytime soon, but when there are castles on the market how can you help but look? 

old coat (more yellow coats), Miss Patina blouse c/o, old dress (similar), old heels, Cath Kidston purse

I think 90% of my favorite blouses are from Miss Patina. They just back brilliant blouses and not just quirky, cat-collared ones either; I have a cream lace Miss Patina blouse I wear all year round. This striped one is perfect for spring, hitting the trend of dramatic sleeves that is hot right now without being too over the top (it also comes in pink). And yes, there are cat faces on the collar... 
 old coat (more yellow coats), Miss Patina blouse c/o, old dress (similar), old heels, Cath Kidston purse



  1. the collar is the cutest! and so is that purse:-) and even if one's not really looking, any available castles should be looked into, haha! xx

  2. This mustard coat is sooo lovely!


  3. Ooh la la! Love the outfit!


  4. No shame in window shopping for castles! What girl wouldn't want to live in a castle (especially in Ireland)!? The yellow coat looks beautiful with your red hair!

  5. Saying I love everything about this look would be an understatment! First off, that purse it so cute, and the fact that it is a cottage is just so darling. Also...the collar on the blouse is 100 times more incredible because it is cats! Such a perfectly darling look all together:)

  6. Your bag is so cute!! I love it

  7. You definitely know how to mix colors. This outfit is adorable!

  8. Always lovely :)


  9. I love this outfit! I'm going to London in a couple months so I'll make sure to get something from that brand your blouse is from ♥

  10. The blouse is so cute with the little cats! And I love the catch kidston purse. Such a sweet little outfit. Scotland is much the same with castles and I can't help but spend hours on right move looking at them haha


  11. I love to fantasy house shop! It's one of my favourite pastimes for a rainy Sunday! It once got a bit too real once though when a beautiful house on my dream road came up for sale and I daydreamed about it so much that I actually died a little inside when I spotted moving vans on the drive! Love the yellow coat, definitely brightens up a dull grey day! x

    1. I totally get that! I saw a very cute thatch cottage with loft bed I wanted a few months ago and it sold recently--made me sad I could no longer pretend I was going to buy it!

  12. Hi Rebecca! I spontaneously found your blog through another blogger who interviewed you. I absolutely love your fashion style and your writing style, so i'd like to nominate you for a Liebster Award.

    If you are interested in participating in that sort of thing, here's the link: https://storybehindthecloth.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/liebster-award/

    Otherwise, i really just wanted to give you the little bit of extra recognition. :)

  13. Love this look - especially the coat is amazing!


  14. Absolutely smitten by the aesthetics of this post!
    That blouse is such a sweetheart and I understand how fell for it!
    Also, home shopping when you're surrounded by gatehouses and castles, totally tempting

    Alive as Always

  15. You look so adorable here. Cannot believe you're 30!


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