Outfit: Cycling Into March

This sweater is a good compromise for when you're craving an airier spring outfit, but there's still frost on the ground when you get up in the morning! It's cozy and warm, but bright and spring-like with its little embroidered flowers. I'm really on an embroidery kick lately--I'd really like to learn to embroider so I can customize my clothes with little spring buds myself...I'm ready for blue skies, warmer temperatures, and green growing things, but I know it's a bit early to expect spring to be on your doorstep. Still the snowdrops (which are said to be the first sign of spring) have been blooming in our woods and now the daffodils are starting to burst up as well, so it's not all grey and dreary outside. I'm already anticipating the warmer weather and packing up most of my autumn and winter wardrobe to store in the attic. Fingers crossed I don't need all my coats and boots back down right away!


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