Outfit: The Love Letter Cardigan

Although I do wear a lot of cardigans, surprisingly I don't wear a lot of patterned or printed ones. A style situation I should probably remedy! One printed cardigan I'm happy to add to my collection (not only because it comes in my favorite mustard yellow) is this love letter cardigan by Miss Ladybug. It's quite darling and might have given me a Miss Ladybug addiction; I'm already eyeing her deer cardigan and pink Hawaiian cardi that has me dreaming of a tropical vacation...One of the ways I know a piece works in my wardrobe is when it pairs well with my older clothes. In today's outfit I'm wearing one new piece (the cardigan) and everything else has been in my closet for quite awhile; my dress is nearly four years old and my novelty phone purse is from 2014. I think the best wardrobe "updates" are ones that add to your overall wardrobe and look so you can keep wearing them year after year. My signature pieces will never be a button-down white blouse or basic black skirt, but a mustard cardigan and printed dress? I don't know if that style will ever go out of fashion for me...



  1. This outfit is simply gorgeous! How cute would this have been to wear on Valentines?!

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  2. What a cute cardigan! I love it with that dress

  3. This outfit is so fun and and just screams, "SPRING IS COMING!!!" Love it, Rebecca!!

  4. I LOVE that we both share the same affinity for Mustard yellow! I can definitely agree with you that my staple pieces are not solid classics, but rather simple unique pieces that go with everything I already have. Totally loving everything about this look especially the location.

  5. The whole ensemble is adorable, as always, Rebecca!

  6. This cardigan is so pretty, I love this colour on you!



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