My Nightly Hair Styling Routine

It's been awhile since I shared a hair tutorial here! Since I started contributing two styles a month to A Beautiful Mess most of my creative juices are channeled over there (PS have a peek at my posts there if you're interested). Lately however I've become addicted to a nightly routine that is so easy and makes my straight hair so much more interesting--to me anyway! Thomas calls this hair style "fluffy" which is a good description since it's not quite curly and has a lot of bounce. It reminds me of retro hairstyles like something you'd see in Leave Her To Heaven.
collageHow to:
-start with damp, brushed hair (or dry hair works too!)
-place a headband or tie a scarf around your head, on top of your hair
-take a section of hair from one side of your hair, lift it up, over the headband, and then under
-pull the section tight so that now you have a loop of hair around your headband
-add a bit more hair to that section and repeat: lift up, over, and under, pull tight
-continue until all of your hair is looped/wrapped around the headband
-use a few bobby pins inserted horizontally to keep your hair in place
-let dry or set overnight, remove bobby pins, shake loose, brush and go!
Once you get the hang of it you can do this style in five minutes or less. I do it was damp hair after a shower some nights, but I've also done it overnight with dry hair for a bit of a softer bounce or to keep my curls going. Now I'm addicted to this style; it gives my hair a lovely bounce and wave without the damage of heat-styling tools and lasts forever! The wave doesn't fall all day no matter what and I can still brush my hair and run my fingers through it! I don't even have to use hair spray to get it to last. So, if you've been wondering why I have a bit of a wave in every blog post lately--this is my trick.  


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