Build Me Up Buttercup

Did I ever mention how summer clothes are my favorite? I don't really look forward to throwing on a swimsuit, but simple little dresses in happy colors? Those are my jam! I think it's freeing to dress so simple as well, lets you focus on other things. So I basically ironed this buttercup dress from Margu the second it arrived in the mail and threw it on to go enjoy our oft-fleeting sunshine. I love the classic design of this dress and the fit is a dream--I want one in every color (and it does come in two other colors) and it feels good to be wearing something handmade with sustainable materials. Margu is feminine, slight retro, with an emphasis on ethical production from organic cotton to thoughtfully sourced notions. To me it's the sort of dress that becomes a vintage dress one day; it's how I imagine a lot of my favorite vintage dresses began. Well made and classic in design it seems like something that would last generations and make me merely the first wearer of this dress on its journey. It's so interesting when you go vintage shopping and you wonder who owned something before you and where they wore it; I love shops that actually know the stories of their garments and pin little pictures and stories to their tags. It would be wonderful if a modern dress like this can become part of that legacy; it probably won't happen with most high-street pieces you purchased, but an independently designed dress might just be something that can be passed through generations and worn for years and years to come.
P.S. The buttercup version of this dress is sold out, but you can still get this classic dress in cream or navy check.



  1. Summer clothes are my favourite too. They're so much more fun to style, you can layer, and you don't have to bundle up in the same big coats just to keep warm! Plus you feel more enthusiastic about dressing up!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I can completely relate. Little sundresses, the happy prints, the light colors... all of it makes me happy!

  3. You look extremely gorgeous, lady <3
    xx Nicki

  4. Your dress is so pretty, love that colour on you

  5. I've been loving Margu clothing for a while now! This dress is just perfect - it feels like an early summer morning.

  6. hello :-) what is the camera you use/your boyfriend used for these photographs? the light is amazing <3

    1. Hi Naelia,
      My camera is a Canon Mark ii and I use a 50mm lens. When my husband helps me with pictures (I also shoot my own quite often for this blog with a tripod and remote) that is the camera we use. You can find out more about my camera and process on my FAQ page.

  7. Comfortable summer dresses! Love it!

  8. The dress is very gorgeous on you. I also really like dressing in happy color in summer.
    Your photos are really beautiful, love this dreamy vibe so much!

    instagram online

  9. Gahh! Summer clothes are the best. Summer dresses are the best summer clothes. And yellow dresses are the best summer dresses. These photos are beyond lovely!


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